MCM4G Vol. 8 - Fur, Feathers and Fins - Album

MCM4G Vol. 8 - Fur, Feathers and Fins - Album

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Melinda Caroll presents MCM4G Vol. 8, Fur, Feathers and Fins, a fun, playful collection of songs for all ages, celebrating the love, silliness and companionship of our furry, feathered and finned animal friends.

Vol. 8 is a collection of animal song favorites for our youngest level of Girl Scouts. It presents new and Girl Scout classic fun and funny songs celebrating the joys, companionship and gifts of our animal friends and family! Favorite songs include The Duck Girl Song, Motion of the Ocean and The Cat Came Back.

From Melinda Caroll… "We rely on the richness of the animal kingdom for so many of the essential and necessary components of our lives! They feed us, comfort and befriend us, they make us laugh and cry and teach us so much about ourselves. Their ways have fascinated humans and we have relied on them since the beginning of time. For all who listen and sing, may the songs and music here plant the seeds of deep appreciation, respect and love for the "little brothers and sisters" who share our fragile planet. To all animals around the world we send our love through song!"


  1. A Place In The Choir
  2. Motion of The Ocean
  3. The Red Robin
  4. Down By The Bay
  5. Duck Girl Song
  6. My Good Dog
  7. The Cat Came Back
  8. Tingalayo
  9. Why Doesn't My Goose
  10. The Green Grass Grows
  11. Sardines
  12. Safe At Home
  13. Whippoorwill
  14. All The Pretty Horses
  15. Animals Grace
  16. A Place In The Choir Sing Along/Karaoke
  17. Motion of The Ocean Sing Along/Karaoke
  18. The Red Robin Sing Along/Karaoke
  19. Down By The Bay Sing Along/Karaoke
  20. Duck Girl Song Sing Along/Karaoke
  21. My Good Dog Sing Along/Karaoke
  22. The Cat Came Back Sing Along/Karaoke
  23. Tingalayo Sing Along/Karaoke
  24. Why Doesn't My Goose Sing Along/Karaoke
  25. The Green Grass Grows Sing Along/Karaoke
  26. Sardines Sing Along/Karaoke
  27. Safe At Home Sing Along/Karaoke
  28. Whippoorwill Sing Along/Karaoke
  29. All The Pretty Horses Sing Along/Karaoke
  30. Animals Grace Sing Along/Karaoke


Produced by: Melinda Caroll

Engineering & Co-Artistic Director: David Kauahikaua

Mastered by: Milan Bertosa, Pacific Music Productions Music

Arrangements: Melinda Caroll & David Kauahikaua

Vocal Arrangements: David Kauahikaua

Musicians: Melinda Caroll - lead vocals, background vocals & Guild 12-String and Martin 6-String.

David Kauahikaua - keyboards, flutes, mandolin, synth programming, & percussion.

Robert Nishida - Guitars: Fender Stratocaster. Harry Koizumi - Slack-Key and Classical Guitar

Dave Polo - ukulele Josh Schiaretti - ukulele

Other Soloists and Background Vocals: Channing Weir, Anita Hall, Roslyn Catracchia. And Melinda Caroll

Junior Choir - Kyla Anderson, Colby Benson, Channing Weir, Kalehua Katagiri Daisy Choir - Tiana Desai, Kimie Fujioka, Brandi Liu, Nina Oishi, Sarah Olderr, Alyssa Soares. T'L Tario.