It is said that our capacity for happiness expands with the sharing, so pass it on! I would say this is true also for singing. Our capacity for singing also expands with the sharing, so let's sing and pass it on!

Melinda Caroll Music is dedicated to creating songs and music resources for those who love to share this time-honored tradition of singing together in Girls Scouts and Girl Guides and for girls' and women's singing circles everywhere. Singing and raising your voice can be a courageous act. My aim is to offer fun, value-based, inclusive music and songs that support and inspire courage, confidence and character in those who want to make the world a better place, especially for girls.

Hello, my name is Melinda Caroll and I am a passionate professional Singer/Songwriter, a National Song-leader for Girl Scouts of the USA, 5-Rhythms Dance teacher, a Mother, a Grandmother, a social activist and enthusiastic collaborator with children.

I am blessed with a life filled with music. My love for singing and writing songs has brought more opportunities to write, sing, record and produce a number of music albums, singles and publish songbooks of children’s music, plus create music for theater, for dance troops, meditation, TV and movie soundtracks. I've been honored to perform in hundreds of concerts and have designed, facilitated and led dozens of world-wide song-writing and song leading workshops for Girl Scouts of the USA and the Global Women’s Organization, WAGGGS.

 Creativity, inspiration, imagination are my passions. The art of singing and original song-writing through story-telling are the gifts I bring and love sharing with children and adults world-wide. 

I am a Hawai’i resident and life-long Hawaiian Cultural and Hawaiian Music student. I believe in The ARTS and community as a catalyst for positive social and environmental change and in music and song as an empowerment tool for girls and women's leadership.



Mission: Empower girls and women through music and song.

Purpose: I believe in a world that provides equal opportunity for all women and girls, one that celebrates and respects the voices and leadership of the feminine.  I believe my job is to collect, create and share collected songs and music story-telling resources for girls, leaders and families, including songs that inspire and invite peaceful community relations for global transformation.

Vision: I feel moved to empower and inspire people to sing for themselves and with each other and to help create a culture of kindness where singing together is the norm.

  • Singing can change our lives in the blink of an eye.  I joyfully offer up songs that help light dark places and bring stories to life that need to be told.
  • The living beauty and art of music and song resides in every culture and throughout nature. I honor the diversity of people, animals, plant life, land, water and air, and all the essential elements of our lives and of our world. My songs and the songs I collect and share reflect these values of respect for nature and loving our world into balance. I encourage age-appropriate playful learning, creativity and empowerment through its expression.
  • I am a small part of the uplift of the feminine spirit on the planet. It rises to guide humanity into a new era of peace and kindness. Together, we are one voice for girls and for women in every corner of the earth. It is their stories and wisdom we sing, celebrate and cherish.
  • We are not alone. There is a growing global network of women and men who use the power of their voices to connect, inspire and generate new songs and stories that celebrate women and empower women's leadership. Join us.

It is my intention is that the music I've recorded here will bring joy and inspiration for generations of girls and women, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides everywhere...Happy Campfires!

I appreciate your support and 
welcome your feedback and suggestions! 
Thank you for all you do to help Girls Grow Strong!!
With Warmest Aloha,
Melinda Caroll