Still Singing After All these Years 2007


As a national song leader and songwriter for Girl Scouts of the USA., I've been writing songs to empower the voices of girls since 1989, beginning with the song, We Change the World. I've toured the U.S. and traveled internationally singing in all kinds of venues, from campgrounds, rodeos, arenas and stadiums to grand halls. I love sharing songs, humor, and stories of my travels when invited as a keynote speaker and workshop leader. My style of performance and music is heart-centered, positive and based on what inspires me as an female artist and advocate for girls through music. My aim is to awaken your voice and to keep you singing! 

I'll work alongside you to customize a Virtual Workshop, Webinar or Sing Along for the benefit of your council, group and/or regional division. I'm happy to help you design a program that suits your budget and engagement goals for your ideal musical experience.

    Create a Virtual Music-Empowering Event with your group or council.

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 “There is a song in my soul that sings I am whole
everywhere I go, it sings I am whole.”  
- author unknown

There is a story about a tribe in Africa where each child that is born has a song that is sung to them. This song becomes their 'soul song'. The village learns their song and it is sung to them all throughout their life, at every portal and celebration until the end of their life.

I believe we each have our own soul song, one that we can sing to ourselves when we are in need comfort, courage, or support. We only need to be reminded of our innate ability to restore ourselves, and singing is one of the simplest ways. Through my years of writing, singing and performing, I can speak personally to the healing power of music. I have witnessed the comfort and inspiration that music and singing together can bring. 

Aloha All Ways,


Melinda leading a 200 girl choir performance to a sold-out audience at Madison Square Gardens 2002




    Love your songs and music! We want more. Thanks so much!     - S. M., MIDLAND TX


    Good Day Melinda, I have just watched your Ignite YouTube video. The words made me cry as you summed up what passion I have for Girl Guiding so well   (we call ourselves Girl Guides). Your Albums are the only ones I have ever found with our Girl Guiding favourites and mine. Keep up the amazing inspiration you are sharing through your songs. Warmest regards,     - BRIANNE, NORTH WALES UK


    I love Melinda’s Albums. My girls really got into learning the songs when they found out that the last half was just the music. After learning the song they love to take turns doing “karaoke”.  It is an invaluable resource as far I am concerned.     - B, GUAM


    Greetings from 1st Currie Brownies and 3rd Currie Guides, Edinburgh, Scotland.  If you’re ever in our neighbourhood, my girls would love to sing along with you and your music.  Thanks for bringing the joy of song to the Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.     - LESLIE, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND


    The highlight of my daughter’s Winter Conference experience was Melinda’s dance workshop and watching her performance. We could just hear the excitement in her voice and see it in her eyes as she told her dad and I about her experiences.     - K. TERREL, JAPAN


    Thank you for all that you do for Girl Scouting and for girls. Your vision just keeps on expanding! Leigh and I are happy to share that vision here in Colorado.     - C. Rice