MCM4G Vol. 5 - Camp Songs for Every Girl, Everywhere - Album

MCM4G Vol. 5 - Camp Songs for Every Girl, Everywhere - Album

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Melinda Caroll presents MCM4G Vol. 5, Camp Songs for Every Girl, Everywhere, our popular and playful classic camp song collection for ages 9 and up! It playfully spans the singing life at camp including hiking songs, campfire sing alongs and lights-out lullabies. Bonus track is the 90th Anniversary Theme for GSUSA, Every Girl, Everywhere.

Vol. 5 is a collection of essential camp classics for Girl Scout Juniors and up. Originally released 3/12/2002 These playful camp songs span the joyful, and thoughtful life of camping including hiking, campfire sing-alongs and lights-out. It includes the 90th Anniversary Theme for Girl Scouts of the USA, Every Girl, Everywhere. Favorite songs are, Princess Pat, Walk Shepherdess Walk, Hey, Hey Bo Diddley Bop, and Boom Chicka Boom!

From Melinda Caroll …” Camping is as inherent to Girl Scouting as singing and making new friends and we all sing and make new friends at camp! It's the place where new stories begin and memories are made, and a song is usually there to carry those special moments. Girl Scouts® have the perfect song for every activity at camp whether we're hiking, singing grace, circling the campfire, cleaning the dishes, and before and after lights out! This album, is devoted to the loveable, entertaining pure fun of Girl Scout© camping and those sweet moments! Whereas the songs presented here have full musical background, all except the song "Every Girl, Everywhere!" were chosen because they can also be sung with little or no musical accompaniment at all!

As with all our albums, we encourage you to use this song collection as a teaching tool and learning resource. Our Girl Scout music is a precious thread of inspiration and magic that entwines us together. May these songs bring you many joyful campfire memories!Our Girl Scout music and our message was sung by hundreds of thousands of girls, Leaders and Girl Scout families during our 90th Anniversary Celebrations across the Nation this year of 2002. New ground has been paved for the way Girl Scouts now gather and sing...a delightful resurgence of song and sisterhood! I dedicate this album to the Peace we all wish for our planet. From the voices of Every Girl, Everywhere, worldwide, a song may make it so! It will brighten your road, it will lighten your load, If you Sing Your Way Home.”


  1. Sing Your Way Home
  2. Every Girl, Everywhere
  3. Hey Bo Diddley
  4. Canoe Round
  5. Princess Pat
  6. De Colores
  7. He's Got The Whole World
  8. Walk Shepherdess, Walk
  9. Once An Austrian
  10. Flea
  11. Neath These Tall Green Trees
  12. One Bottle of Pop
  13. Boom Chicka Boom
  14. Where Every Girl
  15. Lu-La-Le
  16. Flicker of The Campfire
  17. Bed Is Too Small
  18. Aloha Oe
  19. Sing Your Way Home Sing Along/Karaoke
  20. Every Girl, Everywhere Sing Along/Karaoke
  21. Hey Bo Diddley Sing Along/Karaoke
  22. Canoe Round Sing Along/Karaoke
  23. Princess Pat Sing Along/Karaoke
  24. De Colores Sing Along/Karaoke
  25. He's Got The Whole World Sing Along/Karaoke
  26. Walk Shepherdess, Walk Sing Along/Karaoke
  27. Once An Austrian Sing Along/Karaoke
  28. Flea Sing Along/Karaoke
  29. Neath These Tall Green Trees Sing Along/Karaoke
  30. One Bottle of Pop Sing Along/Karaoke
  31. Boom Chicka Boom Sing Along/Karaoke
  32. Where Every Girl Sing Along/Karaoke
  33. Lu-La-Le Sing Along/Karaoke
  34. Flicker of The Campfire Sing Along/Karaoke
  35. Bed Is Too Small Sing Along/Karaoke
  36. Aloha Oe Sing Along/Karaoke



Produced by: Melinda Caroll

Engineering & Co-Artistic Director: David Kauahikaua

Mastered by: Kit Ebersbach, Pacific Music Productions

Arrangements: Melinda Caroll & David Kauahikaua

Musicians: David Kauahikaua - keyboards, synth programming, recorder flutes, & percussion.

Melinda Caroll - lead vocals, background vocals & Ukulele, Guild 12-String and Takamine Nylon Jasmine Koa Martin 6-string.

Robert Nishida - Guitars: Takamine Nylon EC-128, Fender Stratocaster, Washburn Sundance Model.

George Rosete - Percussion, timbales and congas.

Young Girl Choir: Jana Anguay, Allegra Edwards, Kamele Lindsey, & Chrissy Naruo.

Soloists and Background Vocals: Sandra Tsukiyama de Oliveira, Anita Hall, Roslyn Catracchia, Nani Makahanaloa & Christine Hurley.