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MCM4G Vol. 4 - Celebrate Together - Album

MCM4G Vol. 4 - Celebrate Together - Album

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Melinda Caroll presents MCM4G Vol. 4, Celebrate Together, to recognize and honor blossoming and potential as an important part of growing up! Celebrate Together provides the songs and musical accompaniment for those special moments, for all types of ceremonies, including Sisterhood, Badge accomplishments, Flag, Campfire, Bridging from one level to another, & more!

Vol. 4 Celebrate Together, Songs for Ceremonies is a valuable collection of songs and musical accompaniment for all types of Girl Scout and Girl Guiding Ceremonies, from Badges, Flag, Campfire, Bridging, and many others. Appropriate for all levels, celebrating growth and potential.

From Melinda Caroll…”Ceremonies and rituals from human time untold, have marked important events and achievements of individuals and communities. Since the inception of Guiding and Girl Scouting, ceremonies have served as our common global thread that weaves our noble past into an embraceable future. They are our passageways and points of recognition of our honorable accomplishments and traditions. It is our ceremonies that bind us together as a family. Whether grand or small, formal and solemn, or playful and joyful, each celebration puts us in the light of seeing the finest and highest in ourselves and others.

The art of music has been hailed as The Bridge, The Healer, and The Great Communicator. When used in ceremonies, music is all of these things and adds its rich and lasting dimension that carries the memory of each significant occasion.

Though this album is but a small sampling of the vast musical possibilities for Guiding and Girl Scout ceremonies, it is our sincere wish that these songs may inspire and infuse more meaning and creativity in your Celebrations Together… songs for Girl Scout Ceremonies!”


  1. Celebrate Together
  2. Hello
  3. Make A New Friend
  4. In A Circle
  5. Irish Blessing
  6. Campfires Burning
  7. Each Campfire Lights Anew
  8. Plant a Tree
  9. The Thank You Song
  10. Everyday Angels
  11. Vamos A Cambiar
  12. Let There Be Peace
  13. World Hunger Grace
  14. Green Trees
  15. Taps
  16. Juliette Taps
  17. Linger
  18. Celebrate Together Sing Along/Karaoke
  19. Hello Sing Along/Karaoke
  20. Make A New Friend Sing Along/Karaoke
  21. In A Circle Sing Along/Karaoke
  22. Irish Blessing Sing Along/Karaoke
  23. Campfires Burning Sing Along/Karaoke
  24. Each Campfire Lights Anew Sing Along/Karaoke
  25. Plant a Tree Sing Along/Karaoke
  26. The Thank You Song Sing Along/Karaoke
  27. Everyday Angels Sing Along/Karaoke
  28. Vamos A Cambiar Sing Along/Karaoke
  29. Let There Be Peace Sing Along/Karaoke
  30. World Hunger Grace Sing Along/Karaoke
  31. Green Trees Sing Along/Karaoke
  32. Taps Sing Along/Karaoke
  33. Juliette Taps Sing Along/Karaoke
  34. Linger Sing Along/Karaoke


Produced by: Melinda Caroll

Engineering & Co-Artistic Director: David Kauahikaua

Mastered by: Kit Ebersbach, Pacific Music Productions

Arrangements: Melinda Caroll & David Kauahikaua

Musicians: David Kauahikaua - keyboards, synth programming, recorder flutes, & percussion.

Melinda Caroll - lead vocals, background vocals & Acoustic Martin Guitar and Takamine Nylon Jasmine, Robert Nishida - Guitars: Takamine Nylon EC-128, Fender Stratocaster, Washburn Sundance Model.

Choir: NA PUA LEI MOHALA, the St. Andrews Priory Girl Scout Choir, under the direction of Diane Koshi: Sarah Hanley, Melissa Hoyer, Kimberly Ishimoto, Valerie Ito, Nicole Masaki, Jenifer Matsuda, Aki Sakamoto, Heidi Shimada, Ella Soto-Edwards, Shiho Tamaki, Kerri Tenno.

Soloists and Background Vocals: Sandra Tsukiyama de Oliveira, Anita Hall, Roslyn Catracchia, & Christine Hurley