MCM4G Vol. 10 - Make the World a Better Place Sing-Along - Album

MCM4G Vol. 10 - Make the World a Better Place Sing-Along - Album

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Melinda Caroll presents MCM4G Vol. 10, Make the World a Better Place, a danceable, inspirational sing-along songs for those who want to make the world a better place! Appropriate for all ages! A Great Journey Begins with Great Music! Volume 10 Make the World a Better Place made its debut on Juliette Lowe's Birthday at the Indianapolis National Girl Scout Meeting in 2008! This album is a collection of highly danceable, positive, energizing Sing-Alongs, especially for Girl Scout Brownies and up! A Great Journey begins with Great Music!

Inspirational and motivational, this collection of songs is guaranteed to make you feel good about yourself and the world around you! A sing-along celebration of high-energy songs and inspiring music for girls who really want to 
make the world as better place! It includes songs in Islamic, and an African Rainforest Chant and features Girl Scouts Can Lead Anywhere and Make the World as Better Place!

From Melinda Caroll…”Go Ahead, Dare to Dream Big! To the World! - "If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney. Making the world a better place begins with your own life. Be it, see it, feel it! Together, we really can change the world!”


  1. African Rainforest Chant
  2. Girl Scouts Can Lead
  3. Make the World
  4. Together We Can Change The World 
  5. One Little Song
  6. The Sun Shines Bright
  7. Peace Love Happiness
  8. Row Your Boat
  9. Ishq Allah
  10. We All Need More Kindness
  11. Down By the Riverside
  12. Over the Rainbow
  13. Welcome Peace
  14. I will Be Your Friend
  15. Girl Scouts Can Lead Sing Along/Karaoke
  16. Make the World Sing Along/Karaoke
  17. Together We Can Change The World Sing Along/Karaoke
  18. One Little Song Sing Along/Karaoke
  19. The Sun Shines Bright Sing Along/Karaoke
  20. Peace Love Happiness Sing Along/Karaoke
  21. Ishq Allah Sing Along/Karaoke
  22. We All Need More Kindness Sing Along/Karaoke
  23. Down By the Riverside Sing Along/Karaoke
  24. Welcome Peace Sing Along/Karaoke
  25. I will Be Your Friend Sing Along/Karaoke


Produced by: Melinda Caroll

Engineering & Co-Artistic Director: David Kauahikaua

Arrangements: Melinda Caroll & David Kauahikaua

Choral Arrangements and Harmony: David Kauahikaua

Mastered by: Capricorn Mastering

Musicians: David Kauahikaua - keyboards, synth programming, percussion, Concertina & ukulele.

Melinda Caroll - lead vocals, background vocals & Lowden Acoustic Guitar.

Robert Nishida - Lowden Acoustic Guitar: Fender Stratocaster.

Young Girl Choir and Soloists - Haley Kagimoto,, Malia Lane, Madison Pelayo, Kalia Medeiros.

Other Soloists and Background Vocals: Anita Hall, and Roslyn Catracchia.