It's Your Story - Vol.1 - One Voice in the World - Album

It's Your Story - Vol.1 - One Voice in the World - Album

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 Melinda Caroll presents the 1st in a NEW series of NEW Songs and Music for Girls, It’s Your Story! This series is devoted to songs and music written by girls for girls! V. 1 One Voice in the World, is a collaborative project with Melinda Caroll and groups from around the globe. Their stories put to lyric and music shared here, are meant to inspire their sisters worldwide to become the new storytellers themselves and creators of a better world!

Recorded for historical and educational enjoyment in a time-honored and contemporary setting for girls and girl-advocates of all ages, this album is dedicated to Global Girls Rising, using the arts for change through the medium of Music!

The “karaoke style” on the second half of the CD encourages sing-along opportunities. It is our hope that our music and songs will bring joy and inspiration for generations to come!


  1. Girls Rock
  2. Sing A Happy Song
  3. One Voice In The World
  4. Colorful World
  5. Do The Right Thing
  6. I'm Still Me
  7. Ocean Is Life
  8. Marhaba
  9. Shining India
  10. Love The Life You Live
  11. The Key
  12. Arab Rose
  13. Happy Journey
  14. Girls Rock Sing Along/Karaoke
  15. Sing A Happy Song Sing Along/Karaoke
  16. One Voice In The World Sing Along/Karaoke
  17. Colorful World Sing Along/Karaoke
  18. Do The Right Thing Sing Along/Karaoke
  19. I'm Still Me Sing Along/Karaoke
  20. Ocean Is Life Sing Along/Karaoke
  21. Marhaba Sing Along/Karaoke
  22. Shining India Sing Along/Karaoke
  23. Love The Life You Live Sing Along/Karaoke
  24. The Key Sing Along/Karaoke
  25. Arab Rose Sing Along/Karaoke
  26. Happy Journey Sing Along/Karaoke


Produced by: Melinda Caroll
Engineering & Co-Artistic Director: David Kauahikaua
Mastered by: Milan Bertosa
Arrangements: Melinda Caroll & David Kauahikaua
David Kauahikaua - keyboards, synth programming, ukulele, & percussion.
Melinda Caroll - lead vocals, Acoustic Taylor Guitar, Guild 12-String & Custom Guitalele by Dennis Lake
Robert Nishida – Fender Stratocaster.
Background Vocals: Angel Vardas and Melinda Caroll
Art Cover & Graphics Design: David Whitney,
All Songs copyright © 2014, ASCAP - Melinda Caroll Music Productions