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I'm Melinda Caroll, a passionate singer and songwriter for Girl Scouts and Girl Guiding. It's been awhile since I've blogged and I'm excited to reconnect! 

My website, Melinda Caroll Music, has just been refreshed and energized, and we have hundreds of songs with music, lyrics and more to support your singing journey with your girls! My hope is to be your connection to new songs and old! We have sheet music, camp songs, sing alongs and music videos featuring new singers and songs, and we're adding more each week. Check it out!

We need your support and input!

Playing music, dancing and singing can add so much fun to your meetings and gatherings. And why not sing and dance to songs that empower girls and send positive, confident messages? This is why Melinda Caroll Music is here!

I am asking for your help to provide you with the resources you need. What are the favorite songs, singers and styles that you and your girls love to listen to together?

Please share with me the music and rhythms that light you up! This is important to know so that we can carry on our singing traditions and the variety and number of songs we sing, continue to expand, ready for new generations of Girl Scouts.

I am here to support our Girl Scout and Girl Guiding singing circles around the world, keeping our favorite songs alive while sharing the new - to grow new singers and song leaders! Thank you for your support and input!

Upcoming Event!

I am honored (and excited) to be one of the featured singers at the upcoming Girl Scouts Nation's Capital EXPO on November 16th, 2019 at Dulles Expo Center!

If you're in the area, click on the link with the details on how to join us. I'm looking forward to sharing some brand new music you will be hearing about soon and to seeing old friends and new. Please come by the main stage while you're there and say hello!

Join us!

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In our upcoming newsletters, we will highlight artists we love, young and old,  whose music and songs empower girls and women. These songwriters, singers and performers radiate light and positivity into our world! 

Anyone in mind we should profile? Let us know! And then sign up!

Just for fun!

Check out the video where the creation of the song, When We Shine took place!

Follow on Instagram, FacebookTwitter and YouTube! Let's start singing together really soon!

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