Arts4Change Workshops Coming Your Way!

A new way to engage your girls into community is starting to pop up in our Girl Scouts and Girl Guiding global WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) World Centers! Arts4Change is a creativity workshop that helps girls and Leaders find their voices and create and share their stories with their peers.
More than just "making art", it's a Leadership Program that employs The Arts, which can include Theatre, Dance, Poetry, Photography, Singing, Song-Writing, Visual Arts and more, to empower the participants, giving them the opportunity to find their voice and express it! By creating partnerships with local artist-mentors and local community groups that are already engaged in awareness and betterment for girls, it is a win-win for communities!
 By helping girls discover their own stories and to nurture their own dreams, they inform and educate their communities about the challenges they face. At the end of each workshop, we share the girl's art and stories with their families and community, along with a barrage of social and digital media promotions, including YouTube, local TV and Radio, to awaken the public.
Arts4Change events and media, girls are able to influence their families, their neighborhoods and their villages, in some of the most under-served areas of the world, to help change the male-dominated culture, to one of equal respect and support for their own girls and women! It's Arts Advocacy for Girls! The workshops are fun, inspiring and life changing, and can have a powerful impact that continues to grow far beyond the event!
Our goal through Arts4Change, is not only to help make the world a safer place for girls, but to empower them to take their rightful place in life-long leadership and equal opportunity!
If you're interested in learning more about hosting this workshop in your community, email us at You can also check out WhenWeShine.Org - An Advocacy for Girls through The Arts Network!

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