News & Highlights 2003

Aloha Girl Scouts,
Though the year is halfway through, much is developing in our world of Girl Scout Music!
Still basking in the afterglow of 2002, the 90th Anniversary, truly a national flagship year for Girl Scouts®, we ‘re riding the momentum of increased public awareness of our new image and programs, creating more music and resources!

Music News…

Vol. 6, "Little Happy Campers!" was released in April 2003! Like Vol. 5, “Camp Songs for Every Girl, Everywhere”, the music is all about FUN, only this one is intended especially for the Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts@. And though the songs presented on all have full musical background, each one, once learned, is designed to be sung with little or no musical accompaniment at all! Again, the Matching Songbook has many of the actions, claps and dance steps to the songs. Coming soon - our new Pocket Songbook!

This year Border’s Books and Records began carrying our CD’s and Songbooks in their stores Nationwide. Of course, we still encourage you to check with your local Girl Scout Council Shop first!

Melinda - On the Road! . . .

Concert travels officially began again on March 8 & 9 in Palm Beach, FL. Along with one of the most practiced and accomplished choirs to date, together we performed 2 shows on 2 consecutive days. Florida Rocks! And Girl Scouts® at the Palm Glades Council are the Best!

Again, we cannot express here our full gratitude and appreciation to all our supporters and Girl Scout music lovers who inspire, encourage us and feed us new ideas! Thank You! When our future leaders and presidents of Nations and Corporations, are mostly women, Peace will reign on earth. Until then, we’ll continue to celebrate and advocate the spirit of Girl Scouting for Every girl, Everywhere!

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