News & Highlights 2001

The year 2001 held many astonishing moments for us as a Nation and as human beings. In September of 2001, our entire Country was catapulted into chaos. It pressed us into seeking out meaning in our lives, gleaning the essence of our purpose. For a brief period, we all came to a sort of suspended still-point waiting for this new balance to settle. Meanwhile, we examined our new role, individually and collectively. For Legend Productions Inc., music took on stronger significance for us in the role we play in Girl Scouting. Music, the universal expression/communication that crosses all boundaries of age, religion and social conditions is a vital part of our Movement. It is the connecting heart language from council to council, state to state and throughout the world. Girl Scouting® provides the necessary medium for helping girls find their own true voice and purpose. No other women’s organization in the world does this better! We believe in Girl Scouts!

Music News…

 In October of 2001, we released “Girl Scouts’® Greatest Hits, Vol. 4, “Celebrate Together”, Songs and Music for Girl Scout Ceremonies. Appropriate for all ages, “Celebrate Together!” provides songs and music for many of the ceremonies Girl Scouts® celebrate each year, from Bridging, Investiture, Thinking Day, Leader Appreciation, Flag, Campfires, and more! Plus, the inside of the CD Fold-out, and cassette J-Card and Matching Songbook, provide a Ceremony List and a Keycode that links each song with an appropriate ceremony, helping create your own unique celebration. The music is heart-filled and meaningful and was a wonderful project to do at this time.


Melinda - On the Road ! . . .

The first road trip of the year was in January to San Diego, CA. Sponsored by Little Brownie Bakers, as part of Girl Scouts of San Diego Imperial Girl Scout Council’s Cookie Rally, Lego Land became the site of our Songfest/Concert and filled to the brim with Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts®! Great Singing, Great Fun!

Next, in June 2001, my daughter Kila, our friend and super Hawaiian Girl Scout, Nani Makahanaloa and I had the great pleasure of participating in a most excellent Girl Scout event hosted by the incredible team of staff and volunteers of the Hemlock Girl Scout Council. It was a Wider Op at Penn State University, PA, entitled, “Pick and Choose- It’s Up to You!”

Over 1000 girls from 47 states attended, staying at the college dorms and utilizing the college facilities while immersing themselves in a variety of workshops on a variety of career topics! The special teachers ranged in subjects from the arts and sports, to science and government. The girls had the opportunity to dip into various career interests, passions and hobbies while living on a college campus! As one of the girls told me, it was like looking thru a window into new worlds and possibilities for choices in their lives!

It was my honor to perform the opening ceremony and work with a choral group to help produce the closing ceremony for the event! I also had the marvelous opportunity of leading a “Spirit Moves, Body Grooves” creative dance class for 200 girls! I believe we all left much richer for the experience and for the new friendships we gained! Many thanks again to the Hemlock Council for the 2 years of prep and hard work, and for a finely organized program all accomplished with a joyous spirit which permeated this event! You definitely meet the best people in Girl Scouting!

Last stop of the year was November 16th - 18th in French Lick, IN, for a Pluralism Summit. The event was sponsored by the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana and Little Brownie Bakers along with the help from 8 surrounding councils. Here, a gathering of several hundred adult Girl Scouts, leaders, volunteers and staff persons from the surrounding areas met to explore Diversity in Girl Scouts®. The weekend was filled with guest speakers and experts in their respective fields helping dissolve the mysteries that cloud race issues and shine new light on a very old subject for today’s Girls. We participated in creative workshops, games and lectures including 2 “Spirit Moves, Body Grooves” creative dance sessions I led. Plus we sang, (Fabulous Sing-Along Session!) laughed and generally diversified ourselves into making lots of new friends and learning very some useful tools and information to take back to our Councils.

A wonderful weekend experience, many Girl Scout Councils in the U.S. would gain invaluable practical information regarding outreach and inner city Girl Scout Programs by setting up similar workshops. We hope more Councils will follow their example…just another way to swing the doors of Girl Scouting wider!

One thing I learned this year, and that is, there is hope and great heart in an organization that is based on love and caring. I truly believe in the Girl Scout and Girl Guide Movement with an even deeper conviction and commitment now. Through our work and purpose together, I understand and believe we do have the power to Change the World for the better and I for one plan to continue doing my part to contribute to this change. Music is my tool, and it is a powerful medium for this message. I'm singing more and stronger these days! In the coming year, 2002, my calendar has me traveling all across our Nation for concerts and songfests. I sincerely look forward to uniting with you in voice and in the recommitment to our purpose while we honor our 90th Anniversary of Girl Scouts®. Where Girls Grow Strong!

I'll see you there! With Warmest Aloha,

Melinda Caroll







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