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News & Highlights 2000

Aloha and Our Thanks To You!

Wow! We’re off into the New Millennium with a grand start! Girl Scouts® are Growing Strong and Girl Scout music is being sung by a whole new generation of voices! You might call it “music with a new attitude!” The year 2000 will be remembered as a strong year for Girl Scout music gaining momentum in our Movement once again! One cannot place a value on the opportunity of experiencing an event or program along with the aid of music and song. We constantly hear from leaders and girls alike expressing to us their delight and the fond memories a song has brought them. Music is the universal expression that crosses all boundaries of age, religion and social conditions. It brings us great joy to know that music is continuing to connect Girl Scout Councils across the nation and throughout the world - and it’s all because of you! You’ve helped us strengthen a universal bond that links us one to one, heart to heart. What a privilege it is to share the songs of our lives with a new generation of girls in all their rich and diverse expressions!

Music Highlights… In January of 2000, we released the 3rd in our series of Girl Scouts’® Greatest Hits, “Brownie Girl Scouts’® Growing Strong!”, essential songs for every Brownie Girl Scout!

And in November, we introduced the matching songbooks to each of our “Girl Scouts’® Greatest Hits” CD’s and cassettes in our series, beginning with Vol. 1, “We Change the World”, Vol. 2, “The Wind Beneath Our Wings”, and Vol. 3, “Brownie Girl Scouts® Growing Strong.” Each songbook contains the lyrics, piano, and guitar chords to each song as it is arranged in that Volume, plus the actions for the song including claps, snaps and dance steps when appropriate.

 A few other additions were:

We released a new look for Vol. 2 “The  Wind Beneath Our Wings” and created an official music permissions policy (link) for our company and posted it on our web site to clearly state our views on opening the use of our music to Girl Scouts®!

 Melinda - On the Road ! . . .

The year 2000 marked a high-water mark in gatherings and celebrations for Girl Scouts of the USA. Across the Nation, Girl Scout Councils were hosting major concerts and community events to commemorate Girl Scouting’s entrance into the New Millennium. It was my honor and delight to have been invited by a number of these councils to join in their Celebrations! This was the year I officially “Hit the Road!” Some of the highlights were…

In January, I had the great pleasure of traveling to San Diego and participating in the amazing San Diego Girl Scout Council "Leap to the Future" Cookie Rally at Sea World! Over 5,400 Girl Scouts attended, including "Shamu the Whale!"

The event, which was sponsored in part by Sea World and Little Brownie Bakers was their most well attended and successful Cookie Rally to date! "Make New Friends" never sounded better than with all those Brownie voices and the natural acoustics of the Sea Aquarium!!!

Then, on April 1, The Tejas Girl Scout Council of Dallas, Texas held their Girl Scout Millennium event, entitled, "Tejas, 2000!" With over 6,500 girls in attendance, the entire day was devoted to Girl Scouts at Fair Park! The day began with a spectacular parade on horseback.

There were numerous exhibits, horseback riding demonstrations, games, scavenger hunts and spontaneous singing with great food and all-day entertainment. It was my privilege to perform the concert/songfest that closed the event with a 10-member Tejas Girl Scout choir! All I can say is "WOW!"


Next stop in concert travels was Pittsburgh, PA in June. Starting with an impromptu Fiesta Fantastica talent show by the councils, which included the “Three ED’s” of the participating councils in their Millennium Celebration! The wonderful spirit of cooperation and fun was contagious! From the Camp-style Fiesta songfest to the moment of the Concert and the all-day activities for the girls, everyone involved felt the commitment and joy in celebrating together for Girl Scouts®!

Next stop, in July of 1999, Portland, Oregon was the site of an all day Great Millennium Cookie Concert, sponsored entirely by the Columbia River Girl Scout Council. They chose to use the profits of their cookie money to create an all-day Girl Scout family Millennium Celebration! With an enormous stage along with full professional lighting and sound, it was my sheer pleasure to MC the day’s talent and music! And Talent is the operative word here!

  The line-up of popular groups was impressive… Hoku Ho, C-Force, Youngstown and the Temptations were all part of the day’s activities! I will always remember singing “My Girl” onstage with the Temptations as one of the highlights of my musical career! (Sigh!) 



In August of 2000, I joined the Wagon Wheel Girl Scout Council in Colorado Springs, CO as they held their outdoor concert in honor of the Millennium, Girl Scout style!

Throughout this year, there have been many personal highlights for me, naturally… but the most meaningful experience in each city for me, has been and always will be in meeting girls... thousands of them, singing, talking, and just “hanging out” with them! There is no better way to experience the growth and changes in our society than through connecting with the energy of each generation’s young women. Hope and the promise of a bright future, abound in our Girl Scout family. It makes one wish that Every girl, Everywhere, could experience what Girl Scouting is all about, doesn’t it?

Together in music...We are Changing the World!
With Warmest Aloha,
Melinda Caroll


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