New Music Video for World Friendship Day 2015

Aloha and Happy World Thinking Day to Dear Friends Far and Wide!

Happy World Thinking Day, aka World Friendship Day to all of our Global Family of Girls and Leaders in Guiding and Girl Scouting! In Celebration, we are announcing the Premier of our our latest music video, Please Donʻt Tease, featuring a new kind of story-telling animation we hope will surprise and delight you! If you feel the message and the music, please share it widely and give us your feedback!


Songwriting Workshops with Melinda Caroll

Music for Good -Songwriting workshops with Melinda!

The art of story-telling through music is timeless.  And the numerous ways we can do this and share it with the world are unlimited with the new digital technology and delivery systems, via YouTube, Mp3s, Streaming Audio, etc... all done through our smart phones!  And we love sharing these creative, entertaining insights, especially when they tell original stories, teach self values and open global sensitivity.

Sharing song stories and messages that educate and informed ways to make better choices in the world are good for everyone, especially for the girls who have the opportunity to experience and express their own writing andmusic skills! This is what Music4Good can do!

If you would like to learn more about hosting a songwriting workshop with Melinda either virtually through Zoom Skype or in person, please email or call 1-808-330-4320.

Join us in Celebration of World Thinking Day with this free Mp3 Download GIRLS ROCK co-written by The Miss Americas, of Girl Scouts of Dakota Horizons and Girls Inc.

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