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Music and I have A Thing! I've been singing and making music most of my life. It began with lullabies and gospel hymns my Mom and family loved to sing when I was small, then bellowing along to the radio and TV. When I was 12, I got my first guitar and you basically had to pry it from my hands to get my attention! I played and sang from the moment I got up in the morning and it was the last thing I did before falling asleep. There was something about music that calmed and deeply excited me at the same time! That lure was enough to encourage me to explore it further each day until before I knew it, I was singing and playing professionally and creating lots of music to share and sing with others!

This is why I'm here. I enjoy the creativity and art of playing music, either on my own, performing with a band, at home with friends, recording in the studio, touring in concert or singing around campfires! My music love affair and journey have taken me around the world multiple times and have allowed me to make a good living (most of the time!) doing what I love and sharing it in some pretty awesome people in some pretty incredible places on the planet, to boot! So for me, singing and songwriting have been a kind of a passport, allowing me to enter singing circles and unusual gatherings that I would never have had access had I not had this "credential!" I give thanks everyday for all its heart-opening gifts, daily inspiration, the life-changing revelations and people connections throughout my life!

But I'm not the only one who's in love with music! Since the beginning of time, humans have loved music, singing and dancing, celebrating and marking events and time with song. Our culture around the world and here in the USA, reflects that same response as proven by our fascination with current TV shows like The Voice, America's Got Talent, Glee and Nashville! Singing is Fun ...and singing together is even More Fun!!

Try it! Here's an Oldie Goldie Hip Hop Version of the Make New Friends Song!

Music has many healing benefits and there have been numerous studies proving this is so. "Nothing accesses the inner world of feelings, sensations, memories, and associations as directly as music does," says Diane Austin, adjunct associate professor of music therapy at New York University and executive director of the Music Psychotherapy Center in New York. "The voice is like a bridge from your heart to your head. Singing freely releases what's locked up in your body." A pilot study published in the British Journal of Nursing found that singing therapy could greatly reduce the anxiety and depression patients can experience following a major surgery. The effect was strong enough that the authors suggested doctors prescribe therapy before trying antidepressants."

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What's more, singing changes your brain and group singing has been scientifically proven to enhance our well-being physically and socially. And because music can affect deep emotional centers in our brains, it enhances empathy and compassion!  There is a unifying force that comes from music and singing together, an added benefit or feeling of a shared belief and purpose that makes us feel strong, along with the sense of belonging. Music can heal in times of trauma, as well as making us just feel better and energized in everyday life!

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“Musical rhythms can directly affect your brain rhythms, and brain rhythms are responsible for how you feel at any given moment,” says Large. That’s why when people get together and hear the same music—such as in a concert hall—it tends to make their brains synch up in rhythmic ways, inducing a shared emotional experience, he says. Music works in much the same way language works—using a combination of sound and dynamic variations to impart a certain understanding in the listener. “If I’m a performer and you’re a listener, and what I’m playing really moves you, I’ve basically synchronized your brain rhythm with mine,” says Large. “That’s how I communicate with you.”

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Along with our music library of hundreds of songs for all ages and styles of singing! Here find Girl Songs, Girl Scout Songs, Girl Scout Camp Songs, Girl Scout Song Lyrics, Campfire Songs & get your free Camp songs lyrics plus lots more!

Maybe there's a song here at Melinda Caroll Music that can give you a lift, something you might enjoy singing along to or sharing with a friend! Check out our song list! Any way you experience it, music is  a fun way to communicate together and share a synchronized brain rhythm!

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The music and songs on are for everyone. I highly recommend singing, playing an instrument and/or joining in groups that sing too. There's nothing like it and you'll love it! Plus music has a way of loving you back!

Thank you for all you do to empower girls and share the gifts of song!

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