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My life as a Girl Scout Songleader has led me on an musical adventure of wonder and delight! Here, I've found a world made of songs, sisterhood and deep connections to what truly inspires and matters in our lives. A feeling of safety, of bondedness and healing, hope and inspiration, can all be experienced at the same moment by everyone  present who offers their voice.  It looks so simple and soft, a group of girls or women singing together, but the truth is the power and complexities of sharing, a universal feeling of kindness, friendship and love, can bring us more swiftly together into communing and healing than "talk" ever could.



It is truly a privilege and an honor to have shared songs in women's circles from India, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Germany, Great Britain and all across the United States. These experiences have enriched my life beyond any expectation possible. I know first hand what the power of song can do.


Women are rising in greater numbers now throughout the world and I am throwing the doors wide open with an invitation to girls and women worldwide to experience strength, connection and wisdom through music and singing together! This vision includes creating a virtual meeting place for the songs and teachings from a myriad of cultures and ethnic groups where women come together and celebrate in song!


Here we feature articles and interviews of women singers, song leaders and songwriters that inspire us. New songs, unique YouTube music videos, webinars, teaching programs and plus links to new and familiar songwriters and singer's websites that support and empower girls will be part of every eblast of Living Your Song and will also be posted on our website !


The current phenomena of girls and women peacefully rising up globally is calling for a new way to galvanize and unite to make our Movement stronger. Music brings us all together and may this be powerfully so for us and for our dear planet's sake!

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