ALL FREE Music Downloads for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides through April 30th, 2020

#2. "Download Free Songs Now through April 30! We’re offering free downloads of every song in our online music collection all month long! Music connects us, from at-home karaoke singalongs to living room dance parties. Now you can browse hundreds of songs to find new favorites, relive campfire classics, and make memories together—all digitally downloaded at no cost." GSUSA

Now through April 30th, 2020, Girl Scouts of the USA will be offering free music downloads of all of our music recordings for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts! It is part of their initiatives to Serve Girls, Consumers, and Communities in Need During the COVID-19 Crisis. “During this challenging time, we want girls across the country to continue to have access to the learning opportunities, fun, and friendship that Girl Scout programming provides,” says Acevedo. “Girl Scouts at Home is all about that and more." 

Please help yourself to as many songs as you like for you and your troop! Take advantage of these free creative music stay-at-home opporunities to sing, dance and share the music!

Stay safe & healthy and continue to take care of each other - itʻs amazing how doing something good for someone else can brighten your own day! But then again, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides have always known and practiced this!!

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