Celebrate Earth Day and Volunteers

Celebrate Earth Day and Leader Appreciation April 22nd!

As you may know, this past week was Girl Scout Volunteer Appreciation Week for Girl Scouts of the USA. On this coming Wednesday, April 22, Girl Scouts will celebrate Girl Scout Leader's Day and Earth Day! Coincidence?! We think not!

Even before there was an Earth Day, Girl Guide and Girl Scout Leaders and Volunteers were helping girls to make the world a better place. Mother Nature is a special friend to all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides as so many of our leadership and stewardship programs reflect! The Earth is our home to love, care for and nourish and our initiatives lead the way.

And to every volunteer and Leader whoʻs slogged through pouring rain to camp, driven hundreds of miles with carloads of girls to events, and all those whoʻve spent endless hours helping prepare cookie sales, awards, and special projects with their girls, we know the true worth of your time and energy and cannot place enough value on your kindness and dedication!

So for all of the wonderful troop leaders, cookie moms and dads, and volunteers who give so generously of their time to help develop today's girls into tomorrow's leaders, please accept our heartfelt Appreciation and Respect. We celebrate and honor your commitment, service and perseverance and thank you for your continued efforts and time, to fuel a future for girl by helping to guide them toward the skills they need to change the world!

So Happy Earth Day and Leader and Volunteer Day – Whether you hug a tree or a girl, roll down a grassy slope or simply enjoy a sunset to renew your earth connection – know that we are Celebrating YOU!

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