2013 - Friends - What Really Matters!

Aloha Girl Scouts,

Recently, Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council ran a casual survey on their Face Book page asking folks to name their favorite short and sweet Girl Scout Song. The winner, hands down, was Make New Friends! This is a beloved Girl Scout classic after all, but what I really love is the song is about the value of friendship, old and new, silver and gold! From their first Daisy meeting, we teach girls how to respect and honor each other and how to be a good friend.



During this time of uncertainty and stress, national disasters and economic recovery for many, it’s good to have a few simple things in place you can count on! Friendship in Girl Scouting is one of them. As a simple reminder and appreciation of our friendship to our sisters in need, we are giving away "Make New Friends the Hip Hop Remix!"free downloads of the song Make New Friends, the Hip Hop Remix until February 23rd, 2013!  Please share widely!

This New Year of 2013 promises to hold many unique opportunities of action for girls and women everywhere to make the world a better place! So, let's do this!! Beginning with What really matters - Friends...!

 My friend, Dana Marie Rogers, the talented songwriting Girl Scout Senior from New Jersey who won the Rock the Mall Music Video Contest last June is working on a new music video she calls "Stand Up!" (for anti-bullying!) She requested photos and signs from folks all around the world to be in her production, including one from yours truly! You can be sure we'll be "dropping" her new single here!! Stay tuned...more great Girl Scout Songs coming your way!!

Please mark your calendar now for a free International Girl Scout and Girl Guide Webinar with me in honor of World Friendship Day on February 19th, 2013 with lots and lots of live singing and song participation!! More details coming...Meanwhile, here's a free music download to add to your collection and to remind you! Make New Friends Hip Hop Remix - Free Download!

Speaking of Friends…

Please Give Now.

For our Girl Scout sisters on the Northeast coast of the U.S. still struggling after the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, we are re-dedicating our promise of friendship and assistance. Please give to Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts, whatever you can. Your support is appreciated for Girl Scout councils, especially in New Jersey and New York. You may give directly to these councils. If you prefer to make an online gift to Girl Scouts of the USA, all gifts will be directed to the Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund and distributed to the highest priority recovery needs specified by our councils. Thank you Friends!! 

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